About Us

RGB Gold is a girl's basketball program dedicated to helping our athletes reach their full potential in the game of basketball. We believe that by focusing on basketball skill development and providing a competitive and positive learning environment we can help our players achieve their basketball goals.


Our program is directed by Ronnie Grandison, a former professional basketball player who has played in the NBA and overseas. He is the father of four daughters, two of which have gone on to play college basketball. 

What makes us unique?
Experienced coaching staff:


We have two former NCAA Division 1 basketball players who will be coaching and training our teams. These coaches have experience playing on a high level and know what it takes to get there. They have a passion for teaching the game and will strive to help their players reach individual and team basketball goals. Check out their bios here!

Focus on skill development:


We believe that having a great foundation of basketball skills is of the utmost importance when striving to perform well in a basketball game. This is why our practices don't just focus on game situations, but also on essential skill work that will allow every player to improve and perform on the basketball floor. 

Team and family atmosphere:


It is important to us that our players develop relationships and camaraderie with their teammates throughout the season and beyond. As a program, we consistently encourage teamwork and positivity among our players, coaches, and parents.