RGB Gold Coaches

We take pride in finding coaches that care about their players, are knowledgable about basketball, and are enthusiastic about coaching. Get to know our coaching staff below!

Coach Ronni Grandison


Ronni Grandison is the second daughter of Coach Ronnie Grandison. 

Following in her father’s footsteps, she developed a love for basketball at a young age, going on to play varsity for Lakota West High School, and, after graduating, playing Division 1 ball at the University of Massachusetts and New Jersey Institute of Technology. After earning her bachelor’s degree in science, technology, & society, Ronni remained connected to the game through coaching, serving as the assistant women’s basketball coach at Malone University, where she earned her MBA. She hopes to continue coaching, and to help others discover and develop their love for basketball, too. 

Coach Amina Affini

Amina Affini is a coach with a passion for basketball. She played basketball for Wilmington High School and went on to become a three-year starter for Lehigh University’s women’s basketball team, where she played against teams such as Ohio State and helped lead her team to the Patriot League Championship game against American, two of her favorite moments in her college career. She graduated with her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and now works as a registered nurse at a local hospital. Coach Amina has coached teams for elite girl’s AAU programs and has helped run basketball camps locally and at Lehigh. She loves to teach basketball and enjoys helping her players unlock their full potential and discover their best selves through basketball. 

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